Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SLJ BoB Round 1 Battle 7

Rose Under Fire vs. The Thing About Luck judged by Malinda Lo

This book takes place after Code Name Verity.  Rose is an American working as a British Transport Pilot.  She is intercepted by German planes and taken to a concentration camp. Wow, what a haunting book. It doesn't matter how many books I read about the Holocaust, the details are still horrifying.  I never realized that they did experiments on people, as done to the "rabbits" in this book.  I'm glad that authors are still writing about this subject because it is important that we never forget this travesty in human history.

Summer and her brother, Jaz, travel with their grandparents on their summer job of harvesting wheat.  Ah, the dreaded description of combines.  I didn't find these sections as boring as others did.  But then again, reading about the history of cataloging would make anything less boring by comparison.  The strength of this book lies in the characterization.  The relationship between Summer and her immigrant grandparents is relatable and reflective of other children's experience with immigrant parents or grandparents.

As with a previous battle, I am going to go with the book I finished more recently, Rose Under Fire. This might seem like blasphemy, but I hated Code Name Verity so I was relieved to read a book by Elizabeth Wein that I liked.  I've misjudged the last two battles, so who knows?

Check out the results tomorrow at:  http://blogs.slj.com/battleofthebooks/

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