Monday, March 10, 2014

Letting go...

This is an older post...I think I changed the date when I edited it.

So it has been 8 days since the ALA awards.  I have followed several mock Newbery blogs and am a member of the mock Newbery group on GoodReads.  I am well aware of how the committee process works, but I was incensed, incensed I tell you, that Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown was left off the list of winner/honors. And, I wasn't the only one!

I do enjoy picture books and read a great deal of them as an elementary school librarian, but as a rule, I prefer reading books that could become part of the Newbery canon.  I guess I loved this book so much because I see so much potential for teaching on so many levels.  It could be taught to primary students about the consequences of breaking rules.  It could be taught to secondary students in a discussion about societal norms and conformity.  And who wouldn't love roaring with their students? So I was very unhappy when the 2014 Caldecott didn't share that love.

Then I read this post by 2014 Caldecott committee member Judy Freeman on the Calling Caldecott blog:

Not once in my love for Mr. Tiger Goes Wild did I think about gate folds and gutters.

I take comfort in another 2014 Caldecott committee member, Travis Jonker's words that a great book on January 26 was still a great book on January 27.  

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild is still a great book on February 5th.  The kindergarten class I read it to today clapped when I was done.  ROAR!

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