Monday, March 24, 2014

It's Monday, What Are You Reading?

Books I finished last week:

Finally finished!  I received this series for Christmas.  I sped through A Game of Thrones, but this one took me almost six weeks to finish.  I'm doing something a bit different for the third book.  My sister and I carpool together to our schools.  It is about a 30-minute ride.  We've decided to read A Storm of Swords out loud together during the week and commit to reading two chapters over the weekend.  This will no doubt mean the Book 3 will take me even longer, but it will be interesting to read a book this way.

I connected a lot with this memoir, as I too grew up as a teen in the 1990's, in a  religious family, although no where near to the degree as the Hartzler family.  I like the connection the author made at the end about loving and accepting his father for who he is.  I'm have many family members with whom I disagree politically so this perspective was a real eye opener.

This week I'm reading:

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