Thursday, March 27, 2014

SLJ Battle of the Books Round 3

Final Four!  My predictions were pretty good for this round; I got 3/4 correct.  The one I got wrong broke my heart.  Eleanor & Park was defeated by Far, Far Away.  I just hope Eleanor & Park wins the undead poll (readers of the blog were invited to vote on a book that will be brought back for the final round).

Here are my predictions for Round 3.

Match 1:  Boxer & Saints vs. Far, Far Away judged by Patrick Ness - I am going with Boxers & Saints again because I think this high-quality graphic novel belongs in the final.  And Far, Far Away took out my beloved Eleanor & Park.

Match 2:  P.S. Eleven vs. The Thing About Luck judged by Robin LeFevers.  I'm going with The Thing About Luck.  I love what Katherine March pointed out about the plot of the book, "Not much happens and yet—in an extraordinary feat of capturing the small moments in which we grow up—everything happens."

I'll post about the final battle.  I just want to say a thank you to the authors, judges, battle organizers and kid commentators for their contributions to this wonderful event.  Thank you all for enriching the lives of readers everywhere!

Be sure to read today and tomorrow for the results of Round 3!

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