Monday, March 17, 2014

SLJ BoB Round 1, Battle 6

Midwinterblood vs. P.S. Be Eleven judged by Mac Barnett

I reviewed Midwinterblood in this post:

P.S. Be Eleven picks up during the fall after One Crazy Summer left off.  Delphine, Vonetta and Fern take on the new challenges of their Uncle's return from Vietnam and a new stepmother.  These girls are poster children for resilience.  They find heartbreak at practically every turn, yet are able to take things in stride.  This is historical fiction, and Williams-Garcia vividly recreates the late 1960s, with details like the girls' obsession with the Jackson Five.  

So Tom Angleberger killed my streak of correctly picking the winner when he chose Hokey Pokey over March: Book One.  Two award winning books; which one will make it through?  I'm going to say Midwinterblood, although middle grade is taking quite a beating thus far, so I would not be unhappy if Mr. Barnett chooses P.S. Be Eleven.

Check out the results tomorrow at:

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