Wednesday, August 12, 2015

NC 2015 School Year

I totally flaked and didn't do a picture book post today. There will be one tomorrow. Instead I'm tackling a hard topic: teaching in North Carolina. The NC government still has not passed the state budget. The fiscal year began on July 1st. This is a GOP that has complete control of the three branches of state government, yet are unable to pass a budget. They have cut education, given inequitable raises, tried to end teacher tenure (and are still wasting taxpayer dollars even though they have been told by two courts that the law is unconstitutional), etc. They clearly are incompetent at their jobs, and do not care about children or the future of our state. 

NC is a right to work state. Teachers cannot unionize or go on strike. I understand if people are frustrated, and feel the need to move on to other states to make more money or maybe pursue a career outside of education.

However, if you are a teacher and you walk in a classroom on August 24th (except for schools who have already started), I know that you are going to give 100% to your students. We are not going to punish them for the failures of our legislation. We are professionals and we love our students. We are not in this for the money; if we were, we would have never stepped one foot into our classrooms. We will protect our students from bad legislative polices for as long as we possibly can; we have been doing so for years.

I would bet most of the ladies and gentlemen in our state legislature consider themselves to be Christians. I pray that they find it in their hearts and minds to do the right thing for the children of our state. 

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