Friday, August 14, 2015

Bob Shea

So catching up on my #pb10for10 posts which I altered to feature 10 awesome picture books over a number of days. Today I am featuring three books - 2 written and illustrated by Bob Shea and the last written by Jory John and illustrated by by Bob Shea.

So every little girl will want to read this book; it had a unicorn, rainbow colors and sparkles. However, when you start reading, you meet the funniest goat in all of English literature, and he has some real problems with this uppity unicorn. What's even more amazing is the lesson that is taught at the end of the story. 

If you have follow me on Twitter, you have probably seen my I love Ballet Cat posts and I really, really do. However, I am not going to talk a lot about this book because:
1) you should join the #SharpSchu Twitter conversation on Tuesday August 19th.

2) I have a special story to share: my youngest daughter and rising 2nd grader is reading on grade level. She is not ready to read most chapter books, yet thought that is what she should be reading and tried to abandon picture books. I did not push, helped her read beginning chapter books like Junie B. Jones, although they were pushing the frustration level. Once she read Ballet Cat (about 25 times, but I've read it over and over a lot myself), she went back to reading picture books!

I attended the Scholastic Book Fairs Reading Summit in Charlotte this summer. Former school librarian and now Ambassador for School Libraries with Scholatic Book Fairs, John Schu, gave me the opportunity to read a F&G of I Will Chomp You. Books where the characters interact with or have an awareness of the reader or that they are in a book are great because the kids enjoy them so much during read alouds. This book reminded me of a book from my childhood, The Monster at the End of the Book with Grover from Sesame Street. It was released on August 4th. 

As a school librarian and a parent, I highly recommend these books for public, school, classroom and home libraries.

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