Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Nana in the City

So apparently #pb10for10 was only supposed to be for one day. I blame this mistake on the fact that I've contracted a miserable summer cold. I also tend to want things my way so I'm just going to celebrate for 10 days. My theme: these books are AWESOME! Authority: 30+ yrs. as a booknerd.

So Lauren is amazing, and I was totally nervous and barely spoke to her at #nErDcampMI. Here is another book of hers you should check out:

In this Caldecott Honor winning book, a boy spends a magical time with his grandmother in New York City. 

just bought a copy of this for my home at the Scholatic Book Fair Summer Reading Summit. I have a library copy, but it is always checked out so I haven't brought it home. My husband read it to my children and informed them that he knew Nana was not pronounced the English way because Lauren's last name was either Italian or Spanish (his grandmother was Italian and the girls' call his mother the Italian pronunciation of Nana). When I asked Lauren, she gave me the perfect answer, "You may pronounce it however you'd like." Of course, now all three girls want to go to NYC. I haven't been there since 1999 so I hope we get to go sometime soon!

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