Monday, January 27, 2014

Nerdlution Round #2

Like many, I started the first round of Nerdlution (read more here) with a lot of momentum that waned over 50 days. Instead of everyday, I'm going to follow others, and pledge to do something four days a week instead of everyday.  That's much more manageable and more likely to happen.

1.  Exercise 4 days a week.  I've been pretty steady on diet modifications since January 1.  Time to build in exercise.  My ultimate goal is to be in one-derland by 2015.

2.  Blog 4 days a week (I'm counting this as #1):  My blog is pitiful.  I do not dedicate enough time to it.  I know I'm definitely a reader, not a writer, but I do have good ideas to share so time to get in the habit.

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