Friday, January 31, 2014

In celebration of A Year of Reading

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I read in a recent blog post that A Year of Reading has reached over a million visitors, and was reminded that Mary Lee and Franki's blog was the first kidlit blog I ever followed.  I can't recall when or how I discovered it, but I know it has been several years.  I became a fervent follower, reading all past blog entries.  I found it especially useful when looking for book recommendations.  I enjoyed reading about their personal/teaching lives as well.  Mary Lee is a wonderful poet, whose anthology I'm waiting to hear is being published.  I enjoyed Franki's adventures as a school librarian (like me), and her move back into the classroom.  Oh, how I'd love to go Ohio and visit Cover to Cover.

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Best of all, A Year of Reading has led me to other kidlit heroes - Betsy Bird, the folks at Heavy Medal and the Nerdy Book Club, through which I found even more blogs to follow, Mr. Schu, Mr. Sharp, Travis Jonker, etc.  So thank you Mary Lee and Franki for enriching my life as a reader and educator.

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  1. Thank you so much for your compliments! You are truly one in a million to us!