Friday, February 21, 2014

Game of Thrones

Warning:  this post contains spoilers for the Games of Thrones series (not past book 2 because that's the book I'm on).

So, I do not read much adult fiction.  My preferences when reading books written for adults fall more into non-fiction/memoir land - my favorite authors are David Sedaris, Mary Roach and Malcolm Gladwell.  While everyone and their mama (including mine), was praising this series, I avoided it.  It had nothing to do with not wanting to be a part of a trend.  I do not refuse to read things because they are popular.  For one thing, if I read these things, I can criticize them and know from where I speak.  Actually, I try not to do that anymore; I don't believe on bashing people for their reading choices.  Anyway, I digress.  I avoided The Game of Thrones because I had a fear of commitment.  The series was too long, and would interfere with my book count (yeah, yeah, I am a nerd to care about such things).

Then, I watched the show.  The first few episodes were spent with me trying to figure out who was who, and how the characters were connected.  Once I figured that out, I was hooked on the story.  I still cannot believe they killed Eddard Stark!  I just knew that they would save him at the last minute.  It reminds me of the way Downton Abbey kills off major characters, ripping its viewers' hearts out in the process.  I realized that I would get to the end of the DVDs and want to know the rest of the story so thus, I am now reading the books.  It is slow-going, although it would go faster if I didn't feel compelled to read 5-6 books at a time.  What can I say...commit to just one book at a time?  Impossible.

Tyrion, the imp, is my favorite character.  He is witty, and I love how he takes his sister, Queen Cersei and nephew, King Joffrey in hand (pun intended). While the Lannisters are definitely the villains of the books, I hope Tyrion is spared.  Who knows?  If you do, don't tell me.

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