Friday, July 29, 2016

The Book Fairy

Once upon a time, there was a book fairy who decided to work as a school librarian. She was a book fairy because she loved giving people books, among other gifts. She was often called crazy, yet she gave and gave anyway. She was a reader her entire life. It began when she was three, and her mother would have her pick out books every night to read each morning so that she would not awaken the rest of the family at 5 am. Soon her nose was always buried in a book. The time when she got into the most trouble was when she ran away to Kmart to spend her birthday money on books, and was found in the store by her father, sitting on a lawn chair reading.

13 years ago, the book fairy found a job in a lovely school called Bubbles Elementary. She shared books with children, found resources for teachers, updated an outdated collection and was very, very happy. Then a group of trolls took over the government and started taking away money from schools. Bubbles was okay for awhile, but eventually, it too started having problems. There was no money for new books for the children or a library assistant. An inexperienced queen took over the school, and would not listen to the book fairy on how the library should be run. Most heartbreaking of all, she thought the book fairy was not a good librarian, and the book fairy even began to think the same so she decided to leave. The book fairy felt shattered; how could she live if she was not sharing books with children?

In August, the book fairy will not be at Bubbles Elementary for the first time in 13 years. It seemed so unfair! She should have been there forever. There shouldn't be another librarian in HER library, in HER school. 

The book fairy was wrong. Even though she seemed angry, she was really afraid. Not really of change, but of losing herself. She became so invested in Bubbles Elementary that it became a part of who she was. If we stay in one place and never move, we never learn and we never grow. When life gives us the signal to move on, and we refuse, nothing but disaster will follow. 

The book fairy will move on and become a wonderful addition to another school. She will share books with other children and resources with other teachers. And yes, she will give away more books. 

And Bubbles Elementary? It will always be in her heart because it was where she became a teacher.