Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New bookcases!

It will come as no surprise to most nerdy people that I am a book hoarder. If you follow our Two Nerdy Sisters blog, we have a weekly post dedicated to my book purchases. Anyway, I had books double shelved and piled everywhere. I was fortunate enough to inherit bookcases from my husband's aunt. Now every book in my house has a home. I gave some of my bookcases to my children, enabling them to deal with their overwhelming stacks of books.

My reading closet:

This bookcase held encyclopedias; it is perfect for picture books.

This one was in the basement and was going to be given to Goodwill. I protested and it is my favorite.

In my bedroom:

DVD rack turned into bookcase. ☺️
At the top of the stairs:

What's that? An empty one! (Well, I begrudgingly gave my husband a shelf.) I have a place for all the books I will order in the future. It should take me a year or two to fill these.

The total number of bookcases in our house now? 14 We could open a small library. 

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