Monday, June 9, 2014

Indies Rule!

So I've been an shopper for a long time.  I also have frequented B&N and Borders, before its demise. Then I read this post by author/illustrator Peter Brown.  My heart sank a little bit.  No more Amazon?  But, but, is so easy, so convenient, so cheap.  However, I respect Peter Brown too much not to at least explore other options.  So I searched the IndieBound site and found a local independent bookstore about 20 miles away.  It is called Scuppernong Books and is located in downtown Greensboro, NC.  I do not balk at paying the list price so my biggest fear was shipping costs, but they have this cool option - pick up in the store.  I was impressed to get a personal email from the bookseller telling me that my order had been placed.  I was able to actually to respond to the email and ask a question about their store.  I was so impressed with the correspondence that I ordered 3 more books.  Two came in that very week so I made my first visit on Saturday.  Below are my purchases and some pictures that I took at the store.  As for, I will definitely be buying other things there, but books?  Not anymore.

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