Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Summer Reading List

As a librarian and member of the Nerdy Book Club, summers = reading.  While I have school until June 13th, Memorial Day Weekend feels like the beginning of summer.  Like any respectable book nerd, I have a planned list of books I want to read.  I know I'll read graphic novels and picture books, but my favorite books to read are MG fiction with a little bit of YA and nonfiction thrown in.  I plan to participate in the #bookaday challenge (Donalyn Miller will tell you all about it) and review/list/tweet about what I'm reading.  Here's a visual representation:

Of course there will be many additions to the list throughout the summer.  I've already preordered Revolution by Deborah Wiles and Circa Now by Amber Turner. I lucked out and won a copy of Boys of Blur by N.D. Wilson from Mr. Schu's blog giveaway.  When book nerds are not reading, they are adding books to their TBR list.  Here is the list on GoodReads.

I also plan to continue my Newbery Challenge, reading all medal and honor books beginning with the present and going backwards to 1922. I'm starting on year 2000, which means I'll finally get around to reading Bud, Not Buddy.

What are your summer reading plans?  Any recommendations?


  1. We would love to have you read and review Loren's book series Lost Soles. Great for young readers... can we send you a copy? There are currently 2 books in the series with the 3rd on the way !! Red Flat Rage is the latest release!

  2. Sure! Send me an email at sralph32 AT gmail DOT com